Cambridge, Florida: Central

Cambridge was my next metro after Brian, Alabama. The city replaces real-life Jacksonville, Florida – a city (that’s supposedly dying) I’ve never visited.

Cambridge, in my mind, is one of the oldest cities in the US – inhabited shortly after St. Augustine was settled in the late 1500s. This map shows downtown Cambridge. You’ll notice the CBD is separated from the mainland by a canal, making it appear to be a small island. I envisioned a large port that spanned across the shore of downtown below street level; as you’ll notice in the map, I placed numbered piers along the coast. The street level resembles that of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue – parkland on one side, tall commercial and residential buildings on the other.

The main east-west freeway in this map is I-10; the main north-south freeway is I-95; the diagonal freeway is the imaginary I-6, which runs from I-75 in Gainesville to the Cambridge coast just east of downtown. I dislike the freeway construction in this map series because it incorporates frontage roads. When I drew this, I hadn’t observed enough frontage-less highways to favor their traffic flow.

This series spanned from 2002 to 2004 – and includes nearly 14 maps. The high schools (marked in yellow with a solid black dot) are named for my classmates at Redeemer Lutheran School, since I was in my final year there during my conception of Cambridge.


One comment on “Cambridge, Florida: Central”

  1. Very interesting. Perhaps the remnants of a Spanish fort near the canal would give a feeling of oldness…

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