Brian, Alabama: Appalachian’s End

Okay. Creative idea time. I placed Brian in the real-life location of Mobile, Alabama. In my version, however, the Appalachian Mountains extend south of Birmingham and Montgomery to the convergence of Alabama and Mississippi at the Gulf of Mexico, where the mountains – tall bluffs at this point – dive into the ocean.

Appalachian’s End is a small coastal community – now a suburb of Wake Island – developed in 1910 as a small fishing and vacationing village. Gulf shrimp were abundant in the miles offshore, and the area offered mountain hiking and beach sports simultaneously.

Now the home of timeshares, condos, and RV parks, App’s End (as locals call it) resembles any other Gulf town (Port Aransas, Galveston, Biloxi) – except it’s shadowed by a mountain.

I-61 enters App’s End from the north, climbs the mountain pass, and descends into Mississippi on its west side. The coastline is noted for its stark difference on each side of the state line: Mississippi is flat until it reaches Alabama, where the terrain lifts almost immediately. App’s End is 50min-1hr southwest of downtown Brian.


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