Brian, Alabama: Crystal Bay Area

This map shows the area directly south of Brian Central. In the center is Crystal Bay; the blue at the bottom is the Gulf of Mexico. Tall bluffs surround the water bodies – indicated by the street grid.

Featured here are Brian Park (a play off Houston’s Hermann Park), Brian International Airport’s hotel complex, a Dell plant, and a host of attractions (Schlitterbahn, a festival pier, two huge shopping malls, a UGA golf course, etc.) indicative of a thriving population.

Emerald City and Marietta are two coastal suburbs, each about 15-20 minutes south of downtown Brian. Emerald City resembles New Orleans; both towns were French settlements from the late 1700s.

I-65 connects Emerald City to Brian. US 90 traverses the bottom half of the map horizontally, hence its name “Coastal Freeway.” I-465 – the “Outer Loop” – follows Crystal Bay’s north shore. There are some weird freeways hanging around Brian Park – the result of poor urban planning by freeway-centric city leaders in the post-Eisenhower decade.


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