Starr City, Texas: Becker Hills

By: Brian Nunnery

Dec 21 2010

Category: Starr City, Texas

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The Becker Hills area has been completely re-developed since this map was drawn. Due to urban sprawl, shoppers were kept away from downtown – and most of the stores at Estrella Junction, the shopping center in the lower left, closed. The city re-evaluated its zoning ordinances for Becker Hills, and decided to zone 70 percent of the area for mixed-use, higher-density development. Due to its proximity to downtown (1.5 miles west on US 290 > Main Avenue), Becker Hills burst back to life.

The intersection at Collier Avenue and US 290 was converted to a SPUI intersection to handle higher traffic volume. Estrella Junction was completely razed, re-appearing with traditional city blocks and mixed use buildings. A commuter rail line – Starr City’s first – ran from the southwest corner of this map, under US 290 at Collier Creek, and following Becker Hills Drive under I 810 and beyond; Becker Hills Drive was expanded under US 290 to Collier Avenue.

The intersection at Collier Avenue and University Blvd was also completely re-developed. Target razed its store and used salvageable material to erect an “urban store” with housing on top. A field of trailer eateries spawned on the shore of Collier Creek, and Starr City Cultural Center built a new building at a nearby park. 40 percent of the property in Becker Hills was re-built from the ground up. It is now one of Starr City’s premier urban neighborhoods.


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