Kiowa, Texas: East

By: Brian Nunnery

Dec 22 2010

Category: Starr City, Texas


Funny, since I developed Kiowa I’ve learned so much about city design and its relationship with sustainability. Kiowa is hardly sustainable by design.

I developed Kiowa as a suburb of Starr City, Texas. Kiowa originally mimicked Pflugerville in design. This map shows the area directly east of downtown Kiowa – about 7 miles south of downtown Starr City on US 83A. Notice the sprawling design of properties – large gaps in development, neighborhood streets tucked away funneling traffic to main routes. Luecke Road spans the page horizontally; US 83A and Epiphany Pkwy are primary north-south routes. SH 41 is, I sometimes think, an unnecessary freeway. It runs from US 83A to I 10 south, a way for Kiowa residents to get to Kerrville, Boerne, and San Antonio much more quickly. SH 41 is only a freeway for 3.4 miles.

Obviously, Dell, HEB, Point of Grace, etc are traces of my past.

I re-designed the intersection of Luecke, Epiphany, and US 83A four times.


2 comments on “Kiowa, Texas: East”

  1. Holy schneikes, my entire life I thought I was the only one in the entire world drawing imaginary, cadastrally correct urban and suburban maps. However, I never thought of scanning and publishing mine, thinking no one could possibly “get it”. Yours are very impressive. Cheers!

    • Wow – how great it is to be birds of a feather here! I’m always happy to meet people who share this seemingly rare trait. Have you published any o your work yet??

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